Who is Mentor Connect for?

It is for those who are in overall leadership positions or area leadership roles within churches (for example ministers, associate ministers, assistant minsters, youth, children or worship pastors), and those who are in senior leadership within Christian organisations. We are sorry that at this time it is not for those who lead at other levels within churches or Christian organisations, or for those who lead as Christians in other contexts. Mentor Connect focuses its mentoring on three areas:

  1. Personal Development.
  2. Missional Leadership.
  3. Leading well with others.

Can I approach more than one mentor at a time?

You can, but we would encourage you to approach one at a time. It will be a simpler process, even if it may take a little longer to find your mentor.

How have the mentors been selected?

Each mentor completes an application form and identifies two referees who are approached. They also attend an introduction day. The application and references are considered by the Mentor Connect Core Group, and if they are suitable the mentor is invited to join the scheme. Mentors agree to mentor in accordance with the philosophy and values of Mentor Connect.

How much does it cost to use Mentor Connect?

It is a free service. If at the end of your mentoring relationship you were able to make a donation to Mentor Connect we'd be grateful, as inevitably there are costs involved in running the scheme.

What about the mentors, do we pay them?

Mentors have kindly agreed to give their time for free, so there is no charge. However, at the end of your mentoring relationship we hope you will be able to give them a gift as a way of expressing your thanks.

Why can't I find a mentor?

There may be a variety of reasons.

  • Your search criteria may be too narrow. Try broadening them out.
  • There may not be someone suitable for your specific developmental needs who is part of the mentor pool at this time. We are adding mentors on an ongoing basis, so do try again in a few weeks time.
  • You may not fulfil the criteria for the scheme i.e. you need to be a church leader or a leader in a Christian organisation with responsibiity for other leaders.

What sort of confidentiality is offered by the mentors?

It is important that mentees know that matters that are discussed within a mentoring relationship are confidential. There are two exceptions to this (1) if the mentee discloses that they are likely to harm themselves or others (2) if the mentee discloses child abuse. Some may be concerned about who has access to the information about the mentoring relationship existing. The Mentor Connect website is hosted by CPAS, and the Mentor Connect Core Group (consisting of representatives from the senior leadership teams of CPAS and EA) will have access to the information about who is mentoring who, along with the scheme administrator. This information will not be disclosed to third parties.

What is the safeguarding policy?

Mentor Connect works within clear safeguarding guidelines and each mentor is expected to adhere to best practise when it comes to safeguarding. Mentors go through a simple selection process, including the taking up of two references, and an introduction day before being accepted as a mentor on the site. Each mentee is invited to offer feedback on the mentor at the end of the relationship.

What happens if things don't work out as well as hoped, or I have a complaint?

Whilst it is of course hoped things will run smoothly, Mentor Connect has a clear policy if things don't go as hoped. Mentors are trained to conduct their role in accordance with this policy.

  • If either the mentor or mentee has a complaint against the other, in the first instance, where possible, we encourage them to sort it out between themselves.
  • If this proves impossible or unsatisfactory, the complaint should be referred to Mentor Connect Core Group.
  • The complaint will be discussed with both parties by a member of the Core Group. Where appropriate, a joint meeting of mentor and mentee with a member of the Core Group will take place to attempt to resolve the issue. If this isn't appropriate the complainant will be offered a meeting and/or receive a written reply.

If the complainant is not satisfied, the matter can be referred to the Trustee bodies of the partnership organisations.