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Brian Gooding

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Callander

With my wife Iris, I lead Breathing Space Ministries - Pastoral Care and Christian Mentoring.

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CHristopher Boland

Minister of church | Location: Edinburgh Road

I am currently the Priest in Charge of Harrowby with Londonthorpe in Grantham. Prior to this I was the Assistant Curate at Holy Trinity in Boston and trained for ordained ministry at Ridley Hall in Cambridge.

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David Walker

Other | Location: Watford

Born in Belfast into a Christian family, I spent the first part of my adult life in the textile industry, serving a five-year apprenticeship, gaining my doctorate at Leeds University where I was actively involved in student Christian witness and in St George’s C.

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Emma Sykes

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Sutton Coldfield

Put me in a church and the first thing I will be thinking is what's going on outside? How can we share the hope of Christ with those wandering past in ways that are relevant and connect with their lives?

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Gary Colvin

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Folkestone

After 8 years as Head of HR at Mission Aviation Fellowship UK, I am now seeking to use my experience to develop managers and leaders. I am passionate about building into people’s lives.

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Graham Archer

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Kenilworth

Since 2012, I have been the Director of Ministry working for CPAS, an Anglican mission agency currently specialising in leadership development.

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Graham Hutchinson

Minister of church | Location: York

As a mentor I do not think it is for me to try and fix things. Rather, it is for the mentees to discover and develop the the strengths, resources and solutions which are within them. I am able to ask good questions because of my years of varied experiences, both the good and the difficult.

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Ian Bailey

Minister of church | Location: Bristol

I have been a self-supporting ordained minister in the Church of England for the last 15 years, working both in industry (with global senior executive responsibilities) and in local churches and their governing bodies. Before that, I was a licensed lay minister for 20 years.

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Ian Jenner

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Manchester

I am married to Shirley and have been blessed with two wonderful children who are in full time education. I have worked for a number of international manufacturing businesses in a HR and development roles.

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Ian Mayer

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Doncaster

Ian is an innovative technical entrepreneur who combines business experience with church leadership and community transformation, his key focus is understanding people and how they behave in groups. There is detailed information about Ian and the projects he works with at

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James Lawrence

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Leamington Spa

The sad stuff first. I love ironing and early mornings. If you can get over this you may want to continue reading! I am passionate about leadership and evangelism. Still with me?

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John Rogers

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Abingdon

One of the things I most enjoy is helping and enabling others, with experience in training leaders in Africa and Asia, chairing a UK charity and serving in lay leadership at a large Anglican church. Now for the details!

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John Smith

Retired leader | Location: Bridgnorth

As a local church leader I have served in Dalkeith Baptist Church near Edinburgh, (2 years); Cathcart Baptist Church, Glasgow, (14 years) (during which time I became President of the Baptist Union of Scotland, and a founder member of EA Scotland) and Milton Baptist Church, Weston super Mare (8 years

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Julie Couchman-Boor

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Teddington

I'm a working mum with a teenager. I have worked for Tearfund for the last 18 years and am currently a learning and development advisor specialising in leadership development and coaching. Previously I worked as a PA and as an accountant.

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Kathryn Rogers

Other | Location: Abingdon

I am immensely thankful to God for the rich life He has given me so far in terms of people, places and experiences and it’s a real joy to be able to draw alongside others as they seek to move forward in their ministry, using the unique gifts, skills and opportunities which God has given them.

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Libby Talbot

Minister of church | Location: Edinburgh

I have recently begun a new post as Associate Minister at Ps & Gs church in Edinburgh. An Evangelical / Charismatic church of around 1000 people in the city centre.

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Maggie Kelly

Minister of church | Location: Northampton

I am have a Certificate in Mentoring and Coaching from Moorlands College and am working towards ACC Accreditation as a coach. I am passionate about the value of purposeful one-to-one conversations.

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Martin Flatman

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Manchester

I'm Martin Flatman, married, and a recently retired ex teacher, Local Authority Adviser, Ofsted inspector and Director of the National Assessment Agency for Advanced Skills Teachers.

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Mary Crameri

Retired leader | Location: Stratford upon Avon

Since retiring from active parish ministry, I am continuing my work with individuals in mentoring, coaching and spiritual direction. My ministry included urban and rural posts as well as a prison chaplaincy and a training role with STETS (a regional course training mature students seeking leaders

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Neil Blake

Minister of church | Location: Danbury

Over the last 20 years I have exercised leadership roles in 4 local churches as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and Pastor with all that entails regarding preaching, team leading, and pastoral care. I have been involved in mentoring of young people and adults throughout that time.

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Pam Stote

Retired leader | Location: Coventry

My present role is as an Associate Minister of a church of England church on an estate in Coventry. I see the priorities of that role to be supporting the incumbent, first and foremost.

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Paul Valler

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Finchampstead

Currently an Executive Mentor/Coach, Author and Chair of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity .

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Paul Wilcox

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Worcester

I live in Worcester and I am married to Jane. We have three children - Nathan (23), Emma (21) and Matt (11).

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Peter Burns

Minister of church | Location: Nailsea

I have been a Baptist Pastor since 2002, after spending a number of years as a manager in Retail Banking. On leaving college I became Pastor at Castle Hill Baptist Church in Warwick, a growing, lively town centre church with a range of outreach and mission connections.

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Peter Haydock

Other | Location: Shrewsbury

I am a retired accountant married for over 40 years with three grown-up children and two grandchildren. I became a Christian at the age of 25 My work background was as company accountant in a manufacturing business on Merseyside.

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Philip Barber

Minister of church | Location: Stoke-on-Trent

I am the founding Pastor of The Potter's House in Stoke-on-Trent. We planted this church in 1992 from Swan Bank Methodist Church.

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Philip Campion

Retired leader | Location: Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

Finished but unfinished. I've finished employed ministry after 42 years continuously leading church, but I've not finished growing in my faith.

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Richard Hovey

Retired leader | Location: Corsham

I have a diverse work background encompassing full-time parish ministry in market towns and villages, industry, starting my own business (coaching and mentoring business leaders), and leadership in charities. Although I retired from full-time work a couple of years ago, I continue to be active in

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Roger Purdom

Retired leader | Location: Littlehampton

Retired Church Pastor, former Teacher and Headmaster, Ofsted Inspector, Church Elder. I am still engaged in Christian ministry. I am involved in preaching / teaching in various churches. I take assemblies in 10 different primary schools.

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Roger Sutton

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Manchester

Hi, I'm married to Lesley and we have 4 grown up kids and have lived in South Manchester for the last 26 years. We lead a ministry called 'Every Place' and seek to break new ground in the arts, church, city wide unity and civic worlds.

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Rowland Clear

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Dawlish

Having had the privilege of serving God in the local church for over 20 years, I believe that my wife and I know something of the joys and challenges of ministry. Three years ago God clearly spoke to us about leaving the security of what we knew to start supporting those in front-line Christian min

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Sharon Prior

Minister of church | Location: Burton, Christchurch

I began my working life in the NHS as a Medical Microbiologist and became a Christian whilst training at the age of 21.

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Stephen Cox

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Sidcup

Before January 1987, I used my strategic marketing and corporate communications skills at BP, TI Raleigh and some leading London-based Marketing Consultancies. After 1987, life changed.

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Stephen Redman

Minister of church | Location: York

Growing up in a classical Pentecostal background, I served in leadership from the age of 21.

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Steve Cansdale

Consultant / mentor / trainer | Location: Llanelli

I am Steve and I am married to Alison and we have two children age 19 and 16 years old.

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Sue Waldron

Leader in Christian organisation | Location: Tewksbury

I am Sue Waldron, married to Mike for the past, almost 42 years, we live in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. We have two married children. Our son and his wife live in Liverpool and our daughter and her husband and their three small children live in London.

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Tony Jefferis

Other | Location: Great Milton

To be completed

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