How it works

Here’s how to find a mentor through Mentor Connect

The process is pretty simple, but to help make sense of it here are four steps to finding a mentor. At the top of the page you will find a video introducing Mentor Connect and at the bottom links to a series of gudielines to ensure your mentoring relationship gets off to a good start.

Step 1: Search

Using the search criteria on the Find a mentor page you will discover potential suitable mentors that fit your criteria. Obviously, the narrower your search criteria the fewer potential mentors there will be out there. Mentor Connect started in January 2015 and we are growing the number of mentors on the site month-by-month, but some parts of the country are better served than others.

Step 2: Choose

From the list of mentors choose the one you would like to approach, complete the information box in the 'Connect' section and click the 'submit' button. Please be sure to think carefully about your answers to the prompts in this section as the mentor will use these as a guide to help them assess their suitability for you.

Step 3: Wait

We have asked mentors to reply to your request within 15 days. Many will respond more quickly, but someone may be on holiday or working away and not be able to respond immediately. If you haven’t heard back in 15 days please contact us.

Step 4: Response

If the mentor thinks they may be a suitable mentor for you, they will contact you directly using the email address you supplied. They will arrange to have an exploratory meeting with you for both of you to assess whether the mentoring relationship might work (see our guidelines to an exploratory meeting). This may be face-to-face, or via Skype/Facetime or equivalent.

If on reading your request the mentor thinks they aren’t suitable for you, you will receive a standard reply through the Mentor Connect website. Please don’t take this as personal rejection. And please do search again and submit another request.

Got a question? Try our FAQs.